You Are Not Alone pt. 2

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What’s up everyone!

This blog post is inspired by part 2 of the You Are Not Alone pt. 2 podcast episode.

How do you stay positive? We like to hold on to negative emotions. We bottle them up because we don’t want to share the burden, and sometimes, we’ll even think we don’t deserve to share the pain.

But there are so many good people out there that want to help. The crappy people do exist, but they don’t make up the average. Having someone there can help you stay grounded during all the difficult times in our lives. In my experience, most people will have a heart. More people than we give credit to have the capacity to show compassion. People you may not even know would be willing to help you. I’m not saying you should go find the next person on the sidewalk and sob to them about your dog dying. I’m saying that if you have a lot going on, then tell people you have a lot going on. If you are an honest person with some integrity still intact, then chances are, there is a great deal of people out there that are willing to help. Even if they don’t know you.

Trust people. Strangers are merely people you have not met yet. Your very best friend was a stranger at one point. “But I have no friends.” Okay, you’re lying, but fine, your dog/cat was a stranger at one point. Bad things happen even when you’re surrounded by people you know, so what’s the point in being afraid of people who haven’t proven they are bad people, yet?

I would recommend adopting yoga or/and meditation. These practices have been around for a gagillion years. Like, I am pretty sure the T-Rex was into yoga at some point. Anyway, the reason the practice has existed so long is because it has amazing benefits. Think of your mind as standing on the side of a busy highway. All your thoughts and emotions are the cars on the road. Often, our mind sees all of these cars and tries to jump out and stop the traffic in an attempt to stop all of the chaos. In truth, this puts your mind right in the middle of the chaos. Other times your mind will start chasing after the cars and stressing you out even further. What mediation does for you is trains your mind to stand on the side of the road and just observe. This allows you to control what your mind addresses without getting overwhelmed. Yoga is about making a connection with the mind and the body so that you can act as one healthy, happy unit. Give it a try. And I don’t mean try it once and quit. Give it a month and tell me how you feel afterwards. Don’t you dare blow me off. I will know.

Disconnect to connect. You’ll hear me mention this a lot, because it’s a big deal. The internet is amazing for lots of reasons. The main reason being it allows people to be enlightened by my blog and podcast. If you weren’t sure, that is actually why the internet was created. BUT. Sometimes it’s important to just shut off the internet. Disconnect. Go off the grid. Live in the forest and adopt a family of wolves. Maybe don’t go that far, but definitely turn your mobile data and WiFi off on your phone. Get away from the computer and the TV. Spend time with your friends, kids, and family. You can be connected to someone 5,000 miles away, but what about the person sitting right next yo you? You will be amazed at the improvements you will see in your mental health just by disconnecting for 10 minutes a day. The things that you will be able to notice is amazing. 11/10 would recommend.

There is way too much negativity on social media. It is certainly detrimental to your mental health when you are dealing with some of the hardest things you have ever dealt with in your life, then you are reading about what Donald Trump has done next and what people are saying because of that; you are just adding to the stress. Free yourself, at least for a little while. It will help, I promise.

Surround yourself with good people, and shed the negativity. That is how you are getting to get through these tough times. The blessing and the curse of time is that it will keep moving. You just have to keep moving with it, and you have to be sure that you are only taking the essentials with you. The things that are going to help you be better.

I know that once in my life, I allowed myself to be surrounded by the influences that were dragging me down. I was living for the weekend, and all that mattered was making it through the week and getting off work for the weekend so I could go out and party. I realized after I had removed myself from that atmosphere, that I was not happy with that life. Going out and trying to make things better by drowning in the wells special of the night was actually making things so much worse. Depression spiked after these events, even when I thought what I was doing was helping. So I vowed to never allow myself to fall back into that routine, and only surround myself with uplifting influences that were going to allow me to be a stronger person. I am so motivated and I will become a smashing success. That is the only option, now.

So just remember: You are not alone.

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