Why Your Cleanse Won’t Work

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What is a cleanse?

– Well, there’s no real definition. Generally, it involves a major change to your diet for a certain period of time, usually a couple of weeks, with the promise of ridding your body of all of it’s toxins, making you healthier, thinner, more attractive, and give you the ability to fly. Okay, I made that last part up, but sometimes things that sound too good to be true are… Well… Phony.

I mean, have you ever been told exactly what “toxins” you are getting rid of? How do you know you have a bunch of toxins in your body to begin with? Toxins are usually poisons in your body. Have you been poisoned? Because I think you might need to go to a hospital instead of this silly detox. Then apologize to your wife or sibling for whatever it is you did to cause them to try to poison you. Do you know what the liver’s function is? It’s to remove toxins from your body. Detoxing or cleansing is not necessary to rid your body of toxins. If it was, most of us would be dead. But the human body is engineered a little better than that. Your body is literally getting rid of toxins as we speak. What do you think your pee is? Toxins and waste! That’s why when your kidneys stop working for whatever reason, you have to go on dialysis to… wait for it…. Flush out the toxins in your body! You might say that the best tool to flush out your toxins is the toilet, but I’ll try to keep my crude humor to myself.

But really, if you haven’t tried drinking mostly water and cutting back on the sodas and iced teas and juices, start there. Drinking water IS cleansing.

Some say you can stump all of the disease processes in your body by doing regular cleanses, and others say you can renew your metabolism and lose a bunch of weight. Are all of these claims true? Not exactly. The only thing a cleanse is going to do for you is slow down how many toxins you are putting into your body on a daily basis. Which can also be done with a good diet.

Another way the body gets rid of toxins is sweating. Yup, when you go get some exercise and you sweat, your body is getting rid of toxins. Who knew exercise was a healthy activity? Not to mention you can actually exhale toxins from breathing, so if you start breathing heavy, more toxins are blowing out your nostril pipes.

Now I should mention that I know plenty of people who have lost weight on a cleanse and they say that they actually feel better. I believe them. They stopped eating junk for a month (or however long) and some of them even started a regular exercise routine in that time. So you see, results might not be from the inclusion of this cleanse, but rather the EXCLUSION of bad habits for a period of time. Does it really make sense that you can remedy 6 months worth of crappy eating by a maximum of a month of drinking green goo? No. That doesn’t make sense.

Also, and this is something I have noticed particularly around my community…. but who is selling you the cleanse products? Do they have some degree in nutrition? Have the had any sort of credentialing at all in health? ARE THEY EVEN SKINNY AND HEALTHY. Because most of these things are a pyramid scheme. The way they make money is if more people start selling the product after them. I have been approached by pyramid schemes before and some of them are so painfully obvious it hurts. Do you even know what is in your product? Do you know anything about the company you are selling for?

Now all of this “hate” is being thrown at the products being pumped into the fitness industry. I’m not saying there are not good cleanses out there. The ones that are designed by registered dietitians that take a holistic approach and give you a meal plan to adjust your diet… I think those are useful. You learn how your body reacts to certain foods and you adjust your diet to fit your personal needs. I think those are very good, however if the dietitian isn’t going to teach you how to eat after the cleanse… they are setting you up for failure.

Guys, you don’t need to go out and buy a bunch of fancy products to “detoxify” your body, lose weight, or even be healthier. All you need is a balanced diet and to drink more water. Best case scenario, if you need instant gratification, use a cleanse only to jump-start a healthy lifestyle. Don’t depend on it to lose weight after you have been bad for several months.

The final issue I have with cleanses, and I have this same issue with a lot of garbage being pumped out these days, and that is that it tries to offer a quick fix. Most people will go right back to their old habits the very night they complete a cleanse. You can literally nullify all of the health benefits of an entire 2 week cleanse in a single day. It is NOT healthy for you to eat like crap for months and then attempt to reverse the damage you did with some stupid cleanse.

But there is some easy things you can do to get healthier.
4 tips that you can start implementing immediately that will start your journey to being healthier are:
1. Drink more water and less of other stuff
2. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables with every meal
3. Eat out a little less
4. Start going to the gym more often.

Those are not complicated tasks, they only require you to give a crap about your health. That’s it. You can lose weight and get healthier JUST from those. If you aren’t willing to do those 4 things, you will never get healthier. I am sorry to bust your bubble, but you can’t just buy a magic pill or supplement or green juice and get healthier. You have to put in a little effort. There is lots more that you can do, but those are a start.

Alright guys, that was a quick little rant to try a combat some of the bad advice coming out of the industry these days. If you learned anything or think someone else could learn something from this, share it in the place it is that you share things! Be sure to tune in next week because… I’ll be opening up to you guys like never before. Actually, not just you guys. I will be talking about the anxiety and depression I have faced and have never told anyone about, so definitely tune in next week! Also, please check me out on all of my social medias, Facebook, Instagram for thoughts, motivation, workout tips, or just swing by to say hi! AND most importantly… thanks for listening.

This is D. Banks signing off now, see ya later!

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