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There are about a hundred thousand podcasts out there like mine that want to motivate you to change the world. They all have different back grounds and they all go about it a little bit differently. I often wonder what I could do to stand out in the sea of other media influencers. With the web, anyone with an idea can start posting crap and tons of people will see it. But what is going to make me different?

Well I might have stumbled on that today when I was listening to the radio show I listen to every morning. They were talking about life coaches and how, while the field is respectable, 99% of the people in the field are basically used cars sales men. They want to live a life of luxury by throwing quotes at you and having you pay them for it. I don’t want to be that guy. I’m going to be very honest with you guys. I’m going to be real. I don’t just get in front of this mic and vomit words onto it. I feel what I am saying. I couldn’t keep doing this week after week while still being happy if I didn’t believe in the things I am saying. And if some of the things I am saying is wrong, fine. I’m open to criticism. I want to learn from the mistakes I make.

So today, I am going to be very real with you. No sugar coat. This is an issue that infuriates me, and I’m going to lay down some ground rules. Today, I’m not going to be that happy smiley person, because I want you to know how freaking real I am.

Today, we’re talking about your health. Every day I get calls at the gym asking about prices of my gym. Often, the number is the only thing these people care about. I have a couple of different packages, but I usually don’t go into all of that over the phone. I like to customize the package after someone comes in and sees what I can do for them. But even still, some people just want the price. As if the price is going to be so unreasonable compared to any of the other gyms in town.

A lot of people only care about is how much they are paying. Get your head off looking for the cheapest gym. If price is all that matters, go to Planet Cardio and fail and meeting your goals. Go to the gym that won’t support you in reaching your goals. Go to the gym that just doesn’t work for you. If your only concern is the cheapest price point, don’t ever waste my time asking for my help. Because until you start investing in your health, it doesn’t matter where you go, you are still going to die prematurely from CVD, diabetes, or some other preventable disease because you are never going to commit to an exercise program. Don’t believe me? Well the stats are that there’s an 80% that if you’re over 40, you will die from preventable disease. So why not start doing what you can to stop these things from happening?

If you aren’t willing to prioritize your health, you are still going to go get a McHeart Disease because it’s cheap and it’s easy. Stop trying to find a bargain on your health. Stop wasting your time AND MONEY trying to pay the lowest amount for your wellness. There is no off-brand of fitness that is going to get you in shape any better than the real deal.

There is no magic supplement that is going to get you shredded without putting the time in. Most of the people I know that start working out, the first thing they go for is a shaker bottle and a big tub of protein. Not realizing those supplements are supposed to SUPPLEMENT a healthy diet, not replace it. If you are taking protein after your workouts, but then going to eat like crap, you are wasting your money. Get your nutrition right before you go and start spending hundreds of dollars on magic powder that you think is going to get you ripped. If you eat like crap and you don’t hit the gym hard, you will fail in protecting yourself from preventable disease and that is a failure that isn’t going to cost you money. It’s going to cost you your life.

When you start making the choice to not take care of yourself, it is no longer about you. You are going to leave behind a family that loves you and needs you because you wanted to sit on the computer watching cat videos and eating pizza. You are going to make it very hard to support your family because you can’t work anymore. Get it together. Find a gym that has a supportive atmosphere. Screw how much it costs. Screw all the super cool equipment a gym may have. Just find the plan and the atmosphere that works for you. The place that is going to get your excited to workout. If you need a 24/7 gym, go find a 24/7 gym. If you need an online program to follow, download one. If you need a group exercise class, go try a couple out and find an instructor that keeps you coming back. Don’t go for a gym because it has a pool but you’re never going to swim. But most importantly, don’t walk away from the chance to make an impact on your health because you didn’t want to pay a few extra bucks a month for that membership or a few extra bucks to grab some broccoli and chicken instead of a few donuts. If you don’t pay to be healthy now, you are going to pay dearly later. You are going to pay for medication for the symptoms of your diseases. You are going to pay to have all of it treated. You are going to pay with your life. And I don’t want your family and friends to lose you so that you could have another bowl of ice cream for the 5th time this week.

If you are having trouble knowing what to do in a gym, hire a trainer. Not all of them are all that expensive. You could probably spend $200-300 a month and take that program and make a difference for the rest of your life. Studies show that the intervention of a personal trainer will get you improvements 99% of the time. You can likely find a trainer that is right for you. Not all of them are big muscle heads. You could hire someone like me who’s concern is that you are prepared to live the rest of your life healthy and happy. Most of the trainers I know are women who have incredible back stories of fighting obesity and unhealthy habits and turned it all around. They can relate to you. There are plenty of trainers like me that have a formal education and are committed to customizing a program for you that will safely and efficiently help you reach your goals.

If you already have diseases, it is not too late for you. If you started eating right and exercising right, you can turn around your health issues. There are so many documentaries out there that show studies upon studies that suggest that eating fresh vegetables and a proper exercise program can literally reverse the effects of preventable disease. Fitness is for everyone. Don’t try and haggle with your health. Because the only deal you are going to get is to check out early.

Now get out there and get after it. I hope you are more motivated to attack your goals, now, and if you are, or you think someone else could use the motivation, please share this wherever it is you share things, be sure to tune in next week when I talk about regret, and as always, thanks for reading. This has been Life and Fitness with D. Banks, signing off now, see you later.

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