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The gentleman was given a time frame. The cancer had spread, and his aged body would not survive the treatment. He had cleared the 80 year mark years ago. The old man had seen a lot in his life. He … Read More

The Duck’s Feathers

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“If you never spread your wings, you will never fly.”   Photo by shontz photography on Unsplash The duckling had been incubating in its egg for about a month. It had overgrown its protective shell, and it was time to see the world. The ducking … Read More

Rep Ranges

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TODAY, we are talking about how you can use rep ranges to get the most out of your training. We’ve have some great interviews over the past couple of weeks and if you have not checked those out yet, definitely … Read More

The Perfect Shoe pt. 1

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In my opinion, there are 2 major things that people don’t invest enough in: Mattresses and shoes. Mattresses we will talk about on another day but for today, we’re focusing on shoes. Now I don’t mean buying shoes that are … Read More


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A few of the common pains of arthritis are the chronic pain, lack of sleep and energy likely due to the pain waking you up in the middle of the night and general fatigue, and limited mobility not just due … Read More


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I know many people who are stuck in a slump. They have to work and work and work and work. They are always tired. Always cranky. Ask them to hang out, they’ll tell you they are too tired, or they … Read More

Why Me?

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I’d like to start today by congratulating all of the new college graduates that are reading this blog, thanks for your support and good luck in all of your future endeavors. May you cultivate all of the knowledge and experiences … Read More


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What is happiness? It’s a misunderstood concept. Highly misunderstood. That is because so many people have a different opinion of what it should be, and then believe that their made-up definition applies to everyone. Like somehow they have it figured … Read More

Get the Job!

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Let’s imagine this scenario: Two people are sitting in a lobby with a gajrillion other applicants for a business marketing job. One of these people is a college graduate, and one is a high school graduate. They both are dressed … Read More

The Perfect Squat

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Imagine being in the gym doing whatever it is you do. Bench pressing, Treadmilling, ellipticalling, procrastinating, whatever. Your attention is drawn to the squat rack, where this bro is getting hyped up by this other bro. There are like 5… … Read More

Dear, Friend

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Dear Friend, A lot has happened since we last talked! Do you remember that internship I applied to in California? Would you believe me if I told you I actually got it?! The experience was even more amazing than I … Read More

Posture Talk

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Life hack: Cold Showers Cold showers are taken by all world class performers, athletes, and successful businessman and women alike. There is good reason for this. Cold showers are a tool for titans. Just a few of the many benefits … Read More

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