Love Yourself

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I go through phases of loving myself. Like hardcore (not like that, you pervert). I like listening to myself talk and reading what I write and watching my own videos. I know that has to be super conceited or something, … Read More

Waking Up Earlier

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Photo by Parth Vyas on Unsplash I’ve been experimenting for the better part of the past year with waking up before the sun at a time that most people raise their brows or spit their coffee out when I mention it. It’s the … Read More


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The gentleman was given a time frame. The cancer had spread, and his aged body would not survive the treatment. He had cleared the 80 year mark years ago. The old man had seen a lot in his life. He … Read More

The Duck’s Feathers

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“If you never spread your wings, you will never fly.”   Photo by shontz photography on Unsplash The duckling had been incubating in its egg for about a month. It had overgrown its protective shell, and it was time to see the world. The ducking … Read More

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