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What is up everyone! Today we talk fitness!

If you haven’t checked out part 1 of the interview, click here (blog / podcast)!

Jordan owns and runs a online personal training business that he ensures the highest quality for. Naturally, I had to pick his brains on the subject.

My first question was how does he keep his clients motivated without being there in person. How can he be sure they are all using good form and not skipping workouts and utilizing their programs to the fullest?

  • First things first: He says he is different from a lot of trainers. He holds you to your own standard. He searches for internal motivation before he is willing to train you. You paid for the program, you have to put in the work. He doesn’t care about the money, he cares about the results, and if you aren’t going to do what it takes to achieve your results, he doesn’t want you to buy his program.
  • Results are everything to him. You came to him for help and he is going to get you that help. From a different point of view, if you DON’T do what it takes to get results, he can’t use your testimony or before and after photos or word-of-mouth to get more clients. You wasted you time AND his.
  • All that being said, if you need him, he is there. He’s had 30 minute to hour long talks with past clients getting them motivated and ensuring they know that they CAN achieve their results as long as they work hard.

So, Jordan keeps his clients motivated through consistency and accountability. Every Saturday, his clients are required to reach out to him. He will always be there for the clients when they ask for it. If they don’t, then he can’t help. He won’t be your babysitter. He’d have to bump up his prices if he was going to be a baby sitter. He doesn’t give anyone a key to success. He shows them how to turn the key they already have.

This brought me to a pretty throbbing point I would like to make about personal training. Whether you are in search of a trainer or you are a trainer, or even considering becoming a trainer, hear remember this: Training is about more than the numbers.

I remember I had a client a few months back, during my internship, where we worked out a deal. I would train her at night after she got off work, as long as she would give me a ride home. I was an intern and the intern house was out in the words surrounded by trees and coyotes and the boogie man. It was terrifying at night. SO. To train her that late, I asked her to give me a ride back to the intern house. One night after our session, on the way back to the house, she just began to cry. She told me that she used to be so much more thin and that she was afraid her wife would leave her because she was gaining weight and not getting her results fast enough and so on. She was actually a very good looking girl, but in her eyes, she was far from perfect. I had to deal with this with empathy. I had to help her out of the hole that she dug herself into. It was hard. I told her she was beautiful and the next time she looked in the mirror she needed to tell herself, “Damn, you’re beautiful.”

When you hire a trainer, you are not hiring someone to take you through workouts a couple of times a week. You aren’t paying all of this money just to see the numbers magically drop off the scale. They WILL drop, don’t get me wrong, but your health requires much, much more than how much you weigh. You are going to feel discouraged. You are going to have questions. You are going to wonder if any of the work you are putting in is worth it. You are hiring a coach, a cheerleader, a critic, and a motivator. A personal trainer isn’t going to just get you the body you’ve always wanted, but they are also going to make you a more confident, stronger, happier person. They will teach you how to crush your goals. You won’t regret hiring a good trainer.

As for those looking to become a trainer… Be prepared for random phone calls with your client crying saying they can’t do it. Be prepared for clients to want to quit very suddenly even when they are doing perfect. Understand that you are not being hired to just write a program. You are being hired to help this person mentally and physically reach their goals. Unless you are going to sell generalized programs that almost never work. In that case, go ahead. Do you boo-boo.

ANYWAY, back to the interview.

Jordan has several different way he trains people depending on their goals. He does not believe in generalized cookie cutter plans, and he knows his plans will get you better results. The difference are mostly in the nutrition aspect. He will alter macros depending on if you want to gain muscle or trim body fat. If muscle gain is your goal, then you want to eat a certain amount of protein based on how much you currently weigh.  For strict weight loss the only difference is how much you eat. It’s as simple as finding out what you are eating and eating less. Trimming body fat is the most meticulous task. You have to be within very small percentages of your macros to ensure you are losing fat without wasting muscle.

As far the training aspect: You sort of have to figure out what works based on what clients are already doing. Muscle gains can be made in high rep ranges as well as low rep ranges. The myth that fat loss occurs more in high rep ranges is a false claim. Jordan even has some of his clients at the 6 rep range during their cutting phases. I will go more into rep ranges and what they will do for you next week, so be sure to tune in for that.

One claim Jordan makes that I, from a fitness professional stand point, have found interesting, is Jordan does not believe in “clean eating”. He actually has a video YouTube where he is in contest prep, explaining how cleaning eating doesn’t work, all while eating a plate of waffles. You can find that video here. He explains that the body only knows calories in and calories out. It might go a little deeper to the extent that your body metabolizes carbs and fats a little differently. The big idea is that if you eat a cup of rice or a pop tart, both foods will be broken down into the same product: glucose. Think of it like a bank account. If your budget (or your calorie deficit, which is required to lose weight) is $2,000, then it does not matter what you spend the money on, as long as whatever you buy does not exceed $2,000. Volume here plays a big role. Satiety, or appetite, is influenced by the volume of food in your stomach, so it would make sense that if you eating lower calorie foods, you will be less hungry because you are able to eat more while staying under your “budget”, but that does not mean that cinnamon rolls will make you fat and rice won’t. So Jordan dispels the myth that “clean eating” will make you lose weight, as it is possible to lose or gain weight on ANY diet.

Another reason he is not a fan of clean eating is that people will “eat clean” for 2 weeks straight, and then have a cheat meal, which turns into a cheat day because, “Eh, it’s the same day.” Now you’ve destroyed 2 weeks of creating a caloric deficit and now you won’t see the results you’ve been working so hard for. That’s not to say you can eat all junk food for your calorie goal, because then you are missing out on your micronutrients, but the main idea is that you can still eat what you want and lose weight, as long as you eat in moderation.

He also says that there are about 100 different definitions of clean eating, so saying you are “clean eating” could mean completely different things. For example, you have vegans, you have the paleo diet, and then you even have people who only eat organic.

When Jordan was preparing for his bodybuilding competition, the only real difference in his routines outside of contest prep were in his diet. His training remained almost exactly the same, but his diet was very strict. He had caloric number he was shooting for and would always land within 2 calories of his goal.

As for training different clients, I asked Jordan how he would train an 85-year-old lady differently than a 25 year of male, if neither had any major injuries and similar goals. Jordan told me it’s all about their own personal body mechanics and the lifestyle they are trying to live. For the 85 year old, he likely train them to be able to live independently and be able to do things like carry their groceries in from the car or pick up a laundry basket. He will do whatever it takes to get those clients to their goals.

I feel very similar to Jordan on this. One of the first workouts I will attempt with EVERY CLIENT is a dead lift. I never start my clients out on the machines because the machines are stable environments that do not prepare you for the real world, which is an unstable environment. Some people wonder why I am doing that with this 85-year-old lady, and the truth is, the dead lift is a functional movement. What do you do when you pick up a laundry basket? A deadlift! Now, clearly, I am not going to make someone do this lift if they simply aren’t able, but it’s a goal, and we are certainly going to work up to doing a deadlift at some point. I train my clients for longevity and that means I have to teach them the proper form and biomechanics for these basic movements that they perform in the real world.

Most of this information was very “tip of the iceberg” information, so if you wish to learn more, be sure to stay tuned into my podcast and blog as I will consistently do my best to bring you more and more content, and feel free to check out Jordan’s Instagram, his email is in his bio so feel free to reach out to him with any questions.

If you haven’t checked out part one of my interview with Jordan, click here (blog / podcast). He and I had a great discussion on entrepreneurship and the success habits and tips he uses to stay motivated and driven in all of his endeavors.

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As always, thanks for reading!

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